WhatsApp Will Finally Let You Hide Your Online Status


Maybe you’re not ready to respond to a message just yet, but you need to refer to part of an old conversation. Or maybe it’s your day off, but people still keep tagging you in chat groups expecting a response.

Either way, it’s more than likely you’ve caught yourself in a situation where someone is messaging you on WhatsApp and expecting an instant reply.

But that’s not even the worst bit: it’s when they start questioning you when you don’t respond – because they can see you’re online.

Well, luckily, you can officially say goodbye to the days of being pressured into immediate answers. Now there’s a way for you to shut off your “online” status to make sure nobody bothers you, especially when you’re busy lepaking with friends on days off.

Online? Now, nobody will know.


As of 21st July, WhatsApp announced that this feature was under development for both iOS and for Android systems, making it accessible soon for both operating systems. 

That’s right, you can now use the app without having to worry about your online status change the moment you log onto your WhatsApp screen.

This new feature, to be introduced soon on WhatsApp beta, would help you hide your online status – meaning you can switch off your in-app indicator so people don’t know that you’re online or scrolling through other more personal chats with friends.

The latest update is expected to come about with a new bout of privacy updates on WhatsApp, which let you control who could see when you were last online – be it your contacts, everyone, or nobody – instead of simply switching your “last seen” off.

Similarly, this is how the latest feature is going to work – through your own manual selection of who can actually see when you’re online and not.

The popular messaging app has taken on new way to truly set your boundaries – especially between your professional and personal life, for people who use WhatsApp to communicate when it comes to work matters.

Read your messages wherever and reply whenever.


So, now that you can officially control who gets the privilege of knowing you’re online, this means you can enjoy your time scrolling through conversations, files, and memes in your chats without worrying about having to respond to people who demand instant replies!

Which means now you can enjoy only the conversations you want to have – and with 5G speeds, there’s no better way to enjoy spending time chatting with your nearest and dearest.

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