What To Expect From Apple’s iPhone 14 Event



Slated for 7th September (or 8th September according to local time), Apple’s Far Out event is all the talk of tech town today.

To add to the anticipation and similar to their previous Worldwide Developers Conference in June, Apple’s in-person event will be streamed online for those who can’t be there in person.

With the launch of the brand new iPhone imminent, are we expecting just the announcement of the new iPhone 14, or should people be expecting more to come? Here’s what everyone is hoping to see come this week.

The iPhone 14 range as the star of the show


Of course, the iPhone 14 remains the star of the show. And it goes without saying that the new range of iPhone 14s will be launched.

But based on eager rumours that have circulating the internet, newer models – specifically the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max – will be the limelight of the event.

With expected new features such as customisable always-on displays, a 48MP rear camera equipped with a larger sensor, and a notch-less screen swapped out for smaller camera cutouts. They’re also expected to be upgraded to an A16 processing chip, support a faster 30W charger and start with a whopping 256GB of storage instead of the usual 128GB iPhone users are accustomed to.

Plus, there might be new colours coming your way, with purple and blue being design options for those who might want to add a pop of colour to their gadgets.

New Apple Watch models might be on the rise


Three new Apple Watch models? Apparently so. The Watch Series 8, a refreshed SE and a new “Pro” model designed for hardcore athletes might be rolling out during the event.

The next-generation Series 8 watch is expected to come with an improved S8 chip. And while this isn’t indicative of particularly enhanced performance over the S7 and S6 chips, Apple’s new Series 8 watch might be able to detect whether or not you have a fever, on top of boasting fertility-tracking features.

The Apple Watch SE, an anticipated replacement for the budget Watch Series 3, will likely come with the same S8 chip – which is a much-deserved upgrade compared to its previous S5 chip in the 2020 SE model. 

The Apple Watch Pro might just be hearsay, but the chances of a larger, more shatter-resistant display with a different non-rubberised casing and a physical button on its left side might mean those who have existing Watch bands would still have to queue up to get the new bands that fit this new model.

The potentially new and improved AirPods Pro


Now, this is a big one.

From their launch back in 2019, the AirPods Pro have yet to receive any update or upgrade. But now, users might just be looking at an AirPods Pro 2 release during the event.

Designs are speculated to be vastly different, with the new AirPods Pro allegedly coming with an in-ear wing tip which drops from the stem. It’s also anticipated that they can support lossless audio to introduce higher-quality sound, and might even go down a more focussed, fitness-tracking route. 

Similarly, its charging case might get an upgrade to come with a small speaker, so it’ll be easier for you to dig around for your AirPods when you have to resort to the Find My app.

Finally revealing the iOS16 and WatchOS 9 launch dates


The iOS16 has been creating quite a buzz around the world after its new features were announced earlier this year, and now users are hoping good news about the launch date will be immediately available, especially since Apple has seemingly finalised plans for it just last week.

If you’ve missed it, the iOS16’s key highlights include the ability to edit and unsend messages, plus a customisable lock screen so you can finally arrange it to fit your aesthetic, alongside live-tracking widgets.

Further to this, however, Apple could also launch watchOS9 – especially relevant with the release of their new smartwatches. With the watchOS9 beta out for a few months now, the potential enhancements could include new running metrics, medication reminders, sleep stage tracking, passive AFib monitoring and even more improved watchface customisations.

Any more good news?


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