Top Travel Destinations Under 8 Hours From Singapore


Singapore has eased most COVID-19 restrictions and travel is now back with a vengeance. There is no need for VTL flights when arriving in Singapore from 1 April 2022, and more countries are now opening up as well. Yes! We can finally pack our bags and satisfy our pent-up wanderlust — quarantine-free — since Covid-19 struck over 2 years ago.

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Globetrotters, if you’re itching to get out, here’s a look at some top travel spots under 8 hours from Singapore. 

Travelling from Singapore to Australia


Ah, the land down under, famous for its spectacular views, famed wine regions, iconic architecture, koalas, trendy coffee culture and brunch cafes.

Soak up the sights as you drive along the 240km-long Great Ocean Road, dive to admire the Great Barrier Reef or lap up the panoramic views at Blue Mountains National Park. Then, sip on vino at the many vineyards scattered around the country, including Yarra Valley, Margaret River and Hunter Valley.

Don’t forget to snap a ‘gram or two atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge with the Sydney Opera House in the background, see a koala upclose, walk barefooted along Bondi Beach and even skydive — remember to keep your eyes open, for a bird’s eye view of the Land of Oz!

A pitstop at Melbourne is also a must for coffee lovers, as this city is chock-full of cafes that pull an excellent cuppa, so much so that it’s been nicknamed the Coffee Capital of the world. It’s also in Australia where brekkie is a huge thing (even in the arvo), and hip food like cruffins, cronuts and strawberry watermelon cake have influenced the global food scene.

The flight from Singapore to Perth is about five-hour long whereas travelling to Sydney or Melbourne would require seven to eight hours. Australia’s seasons are opposite to the Western Hemisphere, so you may want to visit during Spring (September to November) and Autumn (March to May) for comfortable temperatures. The low season might be enjoyable for Singaporeans as well between June and August as it isn’t too cold.  

Travelling from Singapore to Malaysia 


From April 1, those who are fully vaccinated will be able to travel freely between Singapore and Malaysia via air travel or driving across the causeway without testing or quarantine. 

That is such welcome news for Singaporeans and Malaysians working in Singapore who have family in Malaysia, but also for the vast majority of Singaporeans who visit Malaysia to eat amazing food and shop for affordable groceries. 

Be it driving to Johor Bahru for a quick day trip or flying to further places like Kuala Lumpur and Penang for a short getaway, you can start planning now!’

Travelling from Singapore to Indonesia


Remember all those 45-minute ferry rides we used to take to Batam to enjoy a full day of cheap massages, shopping and seafood? Or how about those weekend jaunts to Bali to live our best beach life on Seminyak, going on a sunrise trek up Mount Batur or finding ourselves in cultural Ubud? Don’t forget Bintan, for its resorts, sand dunes, all-in-one attraction Treasure Bay, glamping and more. 

Well, now, we’re back in business, baby. Fill up your plate with sate, mie bakso and kueh lapis, but don’t forget the flavourful nasi (rice) dishes laden with rendang (meat in gravy) and sambal (a chilli blend), to simple delights like tempeh (fermented soybean cake) and martabak manis (a sweet, thick pancake).

You can even head to the idyllic island of Gili Trawangan where the beach vibe is even more chill. The pristine waters surrounding this land mass are also perfect for snorkelling, and the car-free roads make getting around on bicycle or on foot a cinch.

Going to Indonesia from Singapore can be as short as a 45-minute ferry ride or take up to 3 hours on a flight. Tickets are typically a couple of hundred bucks which makes it super affordable too! 

Travelling to Thailand from Singapore 


How long has it been since we ventured to the Land of Smiles? How sorely we are missing shopping capital Bangkok, the beaches of Krabi, Koh Samui and Phi Phi islands, the temples of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, and even the Songkran water festival that takes place soon, in April.

Or maybe you yearn once again to be shoulder-to-shoulder with tourists in Chatuchak market, standing in line for coconut ice cream, or tracking down that big bargain at Pratunam Market. The golden Grand Palace and the floating market in Bangkok are also sights to behold, as well as the many majestic temples like Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai and the White Temple in Chiang Rai.

A trip to Thailand is never complete without a much-needed foot massage after a long day, as well as the distinctive flavours of som tam (green papaya salad), tom yum, sticky rice, pad thai, curries, khao soi, khao kha moo and more… Remember to buy home some “Bangkok Banana” from 7-Eleven, stock up on fried chicken skin from Big C, Thai milk tea and grab a whole pile of those tasty tom yum flavoured crackers!

Flights range from 1.5 to 3 hours and tickets are also quite affordable! So stock up on baht and let’s go! 

Travelling to Vietnam from Singapore 


When we think of Vietnam, we think of the endless stream of motorbikes in the city. There’s also the Mekong River, which is home to floating markets, the old port town of Hoi An with its iconic Japanese Bridge, the scenic Halong Bay, the mountainous Sapa and the architectural wonders of Hue. Plus, it gets cold in December and January in certain parts of Vietnam too! 

Of course, with the popularity of Vietnamese cuisine in Singapore, travellers are also excited about the food. From pho (beef soup noodles) to banh mi (baguette sandwich), fresh summer rolls, bun cha (grilled pork with rice noodles), banh xeo (savoury crepes) and more, all punctuated by the signature combination of fish sauce, Vietnamese mint, cilantro and other herbs. Don’t forget to wash this all down with a gao (thicc) cup of Vietnamese coffee!

Vietnam is quite a long country, so flights to Vietnam from Singapore can range from two to five hours. Flight tickets are just slightly more expensive than travelling to Indonesia and Malaysia. 

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