The 7 Best iOS16 Features You Should Get Excited For



Following the launch of the much-anticipated iOS 16 right on the heels of the new iPhone 14 release, it’s a pretty exciting time to be an iPhone user.

Speaking of exciting, you could also win yourself a brand new iPhone 14 to show off your equally new operating system on, all by simply buying a SIM-only plan that offers you an extraordinary amount of data for just $19.95 per month! Not a bad way to make the most of your iOS 16 prowess, eh?

The big lockscreen customisation news aside, there are some more truly valuable features that the iOS 16 can offer its users. Take a peek at its latest functions right here.

Lockscreen customisation at your fingertips


Finally, the dream all Apple users have waited for: you can now customise your lockscreen to fit your display preferences!

To do so, all you have to do is long press on the clock when your phone’s lockscreen is activated, log into your iPhone as usual, and you’ll be able to tap away to your heart’s content.

Now, from choosing the font you want to display the time to widgets you need at a glance, it’s been a long-awaited feature that iPhone users are sure to make full use of.

iMessage at your service


Having to follow up on an embarrassing typo with an asterisk and a new bubble can be pretty mortifying, especially if it’s within a professional context.

Luckily, now you can edit your sent messages to fix it before your recipient reads it, or, if you’re trigger-happy on the “Send” key, even undo your sent iMessage. All you have to do is long press your message to edit, or just tap on your message to unsend and voila.

On the other end, if you’ve accidentally clicked on the pop-up notification while you were trying to reach for another key and opened a message you’re not ready to respond to you, can now also mark it as unread so you can come back to it later instead – so you needn’t stress about responding to the message right away.

Schedule your emails to be sent on the Mail app


This is especially handy if you’re going on vacation, you’re busy, or you just need to ship off a specific email at a specific date or time.

By long-pressing the send button in any email composition window, you’ll be able to see a calendar for you to deliver your email, allowing you to adjust the dates and time that the message is sent off. And just like that, you can leave it all in the hands of your reliable Mail app.

View and share your saved Wifi passwords


Finally, you don’t have to wrack your brains to remember that one password you asked for that one time you were out!

Though users were able to share Wifi passwords for a while now, they were only able to do so by placing two Apple devices near each other. But in the event that it didn’t pick up on the other device, there was no way to extract the password from your Settings either. Plus, this couldn’t work with Android users either.

Now, all you need to do is to go to Wi-Fi in your Settings, and tap on the tiny information icon next to the network you want the password for. Then, all you have to do is tap the Password section and unlock your phone to view it! Simple as that.

No more duplicate photos


If you’re a hoarder when it comes to photos, storing not just the original versions of the images but also the ones automatically saved to your phone gallery when you post it on Instagram or edit it on photo-editing apps, this feature might save you some sanity and space.

Under Albums when you go into your Photos app, there should be a new “Duplicates” feature under Utilities, which allows Apple to scan through all your photos and show you any photo or video you’ve saved more than once in that album.

You can either choose to delete any duplicates, or simply press Merge, which will save the photo with the highest quality and move the rest to the trash at just a tap.

You CAN duplicate your photo and video edits


Say goodbye to the days of manually remembering what level of brightness, saturation and exposure you’ve previously chosen.

Now, if you use the Photos editor tool, you can simply copy and paste edits instead. So if you’ve edited one photo and are more than happy with the results – or if you need to retain a certain aesthetic or vibe – you can paste those exact same edits to any other photo or video in your camera roll.

Here’s how: open the photo that’s been edited, and tap the three-dot menu on the top-right corner. Select Copy Edits, then tap out and instead choose the photo you want to copy the edits on, tap on the three-dot menu again and hit Paste Edits.

Hidden and Recently Deleted albums are now confidential


Though there’s a rare chance that someone would really sneak through your phone to browse your Hidden or Recently Deleted albums, there’s now an extra security feature for those if you have some confidential photos such as documentation or identification.

Now, you can actually hide these kinds of private photos by locking both of these albums.

All you have to do is go to your Photos app, select the Albums tab, and scroll down to the tiny lock next to the Hidden and Recently Deleted albums. The lock will require either your Face ID or your passcode to be able to unlock them.

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