Suffering From House of The Dragon Withdrawals? Check Out These 5 Similar Shows



Family, legitimacy, heirlooms, thrones, backstabbing, and love in odd places – ah, it’s good to be back in Westeros.

At least that’s what the initial reception of House of The Dragon affirms. Already signed for a second season following the airing of its first episode, House of The Dragon burst into the scene with an already revved-up fanbase in the form of Game of Thrones viewers.

However, while its assertive tone, sense of immediacy in the story, and complicated family dynamics are similar to its predecessor’s, House of The Dragon proceeded to make a mark for itself by learning what worked and utilising that knowledge to its advantage. Well-cast, well-written, and properly planned, it’s not hard to understand why even non-Game of Thrones viewers were waiting anxiously week after week for more.

In typical fashion, however, the brutal finale of its first season has left its watchers impatient for the second season to start, and possibly searching up fan theories to figure out what comes next for the Targaryens. If you’re still feeling the post-House of The Dragon blues, here are a few suggestions you can tap into in the meantime.

1. Succession


If you enjoy the themes of familial clashes within House of The Dragon, you’re in luck.

Much like its fantasy counterpart, Succession is highly recommended for its overarching themes of conflict – this time, it’s within the hierarchy of a media company run by one Logan Roy, who spends the big bulk of this series pitting his children against one another all in the name of finding his “perfect heir” to his business.

With powerful performances, an intensely character-driven plot, plus an impactful and masterfully-woven storyline, Succession offers a sublime drama that balances the dysfunctional dynamics of family life with dry humour, great writing, and even better acting.

2. The Wheel of Time


Within the genre of science fiction, mythology and shows with mythological beings – such as dragons – have become a popular subgenre.

Enter The Wheel of Time, based on the best-selling book series by Robert Jordan, focusing on a group of characters in the ever-enduring dilemma between saving the world or destroying it.

Boasting high fantasy elements, it’s an easy attraction for any House of the Dragon fan. Packed with action, exceptional talents, and spectacular visual effects to top it all off, The Wheel of Time is guaranteed to take you on an epic journey like no other.

3. The Witcher


Henry Cavill’s commitment to the role of tall, brooding Geralt of Rivia aside, there are a lot of great things to expect from The Witcher.

With the main focus on Geralt’s adventures in monster-hunting, it follows his journey and struggles to find his place in the world that constantly pits the maliciousness of humans against the backdrop of fantastical beasts.

Combined with memorable side characters, especially with Geralt’s adoptive daughter Ciri being reminiscent of House of The Dragon’s Rhaenyra in her empowerment and courage, and coupled with a compelling plot, The Witcher is a show that will fixate and fascinate any House of The Dragon fan.

4. The Tudors


Old-world royalty, plot twists, heads on pikes, betrayals and budding relationships – if all of these sound like the reason you got into House of The Dragon to begin with, then The Tudors is a prime choice for your next monarchy fix.

Set mostly during early 16th-century England, it depicts the early reigning years of Henry VIII. With the infamous eight-wives rhyme already preceding his legacy, learning new tales of his prime years – although heavily fictionalised – makes for a gripping watch that maintains the charms of House of The Dragon in its carefully-weaved storytelling.

Plus, with its wealth of A-list actors, including one Margaery Tyrell (Natalie Dormer) from the original Game of Thrones lineup, you can save this 4-season saga for your weekend as its enthralling, plot-driven episodes will constantly leave you wanting more.

5. Game of Thrones


This might seem obvious, but if by chance you are one of the rare few who caught House of The Dragon without watching the show that started it all off, take this as your sign to finally get started on Game of Thrones.

While the praise for Game of Thrones has been undeniably prevalent throughout its run, there are plenty of good reasons for that. Enticing performances by its cast members, an in-depth focus on character development – a feat, considering the sheer number of them – and a solid storyline that lingers on your mind even after the episode ends, it’s no wonder that this show has gotten the reception it deserves.

Revolving around nine noble families, all of whom are engaged in a political fight over the lands of their fictional residence – Westeros – each character begets an unforgettable story amidst the chaos of conflict. However, while internal fighting dominates the overarching arc of this series, an ancient enemy rises outside the walls to lay siege to all of humankind.

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