Say Hi To Zolaz, The Future Of Gaming



The gaming industry has seen an exponential growth in the recent years, especially during the days where everyone was stuck in their homes and searching for new hobbies or interest to enjoy.

From Mobile Legends: Bang Bang accruing over a billion downloads in 2020 to PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG) racking up over 75 million in sales as of 2021, needless to say that games have become a more mainstream part of public conversation – even for the casual gamers.

However, there’s a new contender in the mix which might prove to be the new, cutting-edge gaming platform that does away with all of the hassles of gaming such as storage issues, graphic capacities, and more: Zolaz.

As a plus, this new game-changing service can also now be added as a monthly subscription straight to any M1 SIM-only plan of your choice.

But first, what is Zolaz?


Think Netflix – but for games.

Described as an “all-you-can-play”, on-demand experience, Zolaz uses a click-and-play model, with the games all being directly streamed from the cloud. Compared to loading up your device to play the game or having to install it first, you get to save a bunch of time this way through being able to select any game of your choosing at will.

Plus, as any gamer knows, graphic cards are the be all end all of your games, making them either fuzzy and glitchy-looking, or driving your hardware into overload. However, with Zolaz’s cloud gaming system, the onus is taken off your device, allowing you to play graphically-demanding games on any device of your choice.

Find out more about why Zolaz might be the future of gaming as we know it.

No individual game purchases


The manual pre-orders, adding shipping fees and taxes (depending on where you games are from), and more can tally up to quite a pretty sum of money. Plus, the worst part is you might not even be sure that you do actually like the gameplay and the overall narrative or story, or you might get a glitchy game.

Luckily, with Zolaz, you don’t need to worry about the price of each game you want to play or even just try out before committing to it.

Yep, the advantage of cloud gaming also means you get access to all of Zolaz’s whopping 400 plus library of high-quality games with just one subscription. It saves you not just the time you take to place your orders once games come out, but also a lot of dough since you’re no longer individually paying for each one.

It houses BAFTA Games Award-nominated games


If you’re looking for awards-nominated games, look no further.

Housing the first-person shooter game Metro Exodus, action RPG Warhammer co-op entitled Warhammer: Chaosbane, and popular party game Overcooked, Zolaz offers up some certifiable, major players in the gaming world. 

On top of that, your high scores and game history can be stored directly on the cloud, which frees up your personal device data storage for more of your own personal videos instead.

Casual or multiple gamers, all in one subscription


Not all of us might be hardcore gamers, and that’s fine too, especially because Zolaz boasts an impressive library of games that can be accessed with just a click – and they’re continually adding more every year!

Beyond that, Zolaz is also available across multiple devices, and can house up to five profiles so everyone can play the games they are interested in without disrupting another family member or friend’s progress while doing so.

So whether you’re in the mood for some strategy and RPG games, or even spending quality time with your family with a game night, Zolaz definitely has a game for everyone to enjoy.

Parental control reigns 


Parents, if you’re worried about your child potentially engaging in violent games, you can stress less with Zolaz.

All games come with a PEGI rating which can be vetted against players’ profiles to ensure every game your child comes across is age-appropriate and safe for them to play.

Further, this rating criteria can be determined by you when setting up your account, so at least you know your little one doesn’t get their hands on anything harmful for them.

Get in on the (gaming) action with our SIM-only plan


Great news for gamers everywhere: with any M1 SIM-only plan, you can also enjoy a Zolaz subscription for just $14.98 per month, and play to your heart’s desire!

All you have to do is choose from the 100GB plan for just $19.95 or the 80GB plan for just $17.95 per month to enjoy this service.

It gets better – especially for mPowered readers! Use the code mpowered15 to get $15 off your first month, on top of plenty of other more perks that are available for you with mPowered!