Phone Accessories Under $50 You Never Knew You Needed


We do everything on our phones these days. From playing games and watching Netflix to managing our bank accounts and responding to work emails. 

It’s pretty obvious that we can’t survive without our smartphones, but what would make our smartphones truly irreplaceable are the right accessories. 

Accessories not just razzle dazzle our phones, but also make our lives easier. Those that we can maximize their functions can also greatly improve our lives. 

Although essential, we’re not talking about just fancy phone covers and tempered glass screen protectors. Here are some phone accessories under $50 you never knew you needed. 

  1. RFID phone case 

When looking at getting a phone case, we don’t usually think of one beyond its ability to protect the surface of the phone and its design. But what if you could choose a phone case that not only protected your device, but also made your life a little easier?

One often overlooked accessory is an RFID phone case. Just like an RFID wallet, an RFID phone case protects your phone from damage while also keeping your personal information safe from thieves. How does it work? 

The RFID phone case is equipped with an RFID chip that blocks anyone from scanning your phone and accessing your personal information. 

Given that we store so much personal data on our phone — especially bank account and credit card details — an RFID phone case will come in handy, especially when we’re travelling. 

Whether you’re an iPhone or Android user, there are a variety of cases out there. 

Price: from $9.00

Where to buy: MobileFun 

  1. Phone grip / PopSocket 


You may think the tempered glass protector and armour-like phone case or an expensive one from Casetify are all you need, but another highly essential phone accessory is the phone grip or popsocket. 

Having something at the back of your phone to help you grip it when you’re texting while on the move, playing games or falling asleep, can save you a lot of heart pain should you accidentally drop it. 

Plus they’ll definitely come in handy when you want to prop your phone up on the table at an angle to read or watch a show handsfree. 

There are many different types of phone grips that can range from a simple phone ring with a cute design, a stick-on strap that allows you to slide a couple of fingers through to magnetic ones.

A popular phone grip brand is Popsocket from the US, which has a wide range of stick-on and sliding grips in tons of designs that range from cute to arty. 

The choices for phone grips are endless and you can get really cheap ones for below $1 to over $40 for the more premium types. 

Price: <$1 to $40+

Where to buy: Popsocket, MobileFun

  1. Camera adapter 

So you’re out with your friends on holiday and you need to take some great photos for the ‘gram. Here’s where a phone camera adapter will come in handy. 

A phone camera adaptor is an essential piece of equipment for those who want to give level up their photography game. Many of them are lenses that grip the phone or can be clipped on over the phone’s camera so that you can take various shots such as wide angle, macro focus, telescopic and even fish eye. 

There are even sturdy ones that can secure a larger camera lens to the phone for you to take more professional-looking shots without the hassle of lugging a big DSLR camera around. 

Price: from $10

Where to buy: MobileFun, The Digital Gadgets

  1. Wireless charger 


You won’t know how useful a wireless charger is until you actually use it. Having a wireless charger means you no longer have to buy extra cables to charge your phone, if you forget to bring your cable for your powerbank when you’re out, and of course, no more fiddling with the cords in your back when you’re in a hurry! 

Most wireless chargers are also compact and lightweight so you can easily take them out with you.

There are also those with stands where you can rest your phone in an upright position while it gets charged — handy for those who work from home the whole day. 

The convenience of not having to mess around with different cables for all your gadgets makes a wireless charger a must have. Just make sure to buy the one compatible with your phone and other devices to ensure fast charging. 

Price: from $12

Where to buy: Anker, MobileFun, The Digital Gadgets, Moby Shop

  1. Crossbody phone strap 

Ever felt that momentary heart-stopping feeling of horror when your brand new iPhone that you just bought slips out of your hands and crashes onto the floor? 

Or that annoyance and mild panic when fishing around in your bag for your phone and wondering whether you may have lost it somewhere? 

Well, a crossbody phone strap can save you from such distress. Having one that you can sling across your body not only helps you know where your phone is at all times, it also keeps your phone secure in a case and leaves you hands-free.  

When looking to buy a crossbody phone strap, get one made of good quality so that it lasts and makes it harder for people to snatch your phone away. 

There are tons of crossbody phone straps out there from those with colourful cords, ropes or straps to more luxurious looking ones made of pearl beads or gold chain to match your outfit.

Price: from $8

Where to buy: Casetify, Taizjo, Besbes

  1. Phone mount


The last thing you want to worry about when you’re engrossed in your workout is your phone. 

With a phone mount, you can easily attach it to the wall or a nearby surface where you can still keep an eye on your phone and follow the YouTube fitness video or to get a good angle to film your own workout progress. 

It’s also helpful if you’re listening to music via bluetooth earbuds and you need your phone within distance to power you through your workout. 

What’s more, you don’t have to worry about missing a call or text either.  

There are a few different types of phone mounts that you can choose from such as magnetic mounts or grips that you can attach to the treadmill, exercise bike or your own bicycle. 

Price: from $12

Where to buy: MobileFun, Moby Shop

  1. Waterproof case

Many of the newer smartphones these days such as Apple iPhones, Samsung and Sony phones are made with some level of water resistance. They protect your phone from the rain or accidental spills. 

But if you are taking your phone out to the beach, a waterproof case will definitely come in handy. Whether you’re going swimming, diving, kayaking or surfing, a waterproof phone case will protect your phone and still let you use it with ease to take photos and videos. 

There are many different types ranging from cheap (below $5) to slightly pricier. Choose one that securely locks your phone in and lets you touch the screen with ease. 

Price: from $10

Where to buy: Overboard, Decathlon, Spigen 

Most, if not all the products can also be bought from phone accessories shops in Singapore or popular online marketplaces such as Shopee, Lazada, Amazon and Qoo10. 

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