Mobile Legends Guide: Top Tips to Earn MLBB Battle Points


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) is a ‘multiplayer online battle arena’ game, often abbreviated as MOBA. A simple explanation of the gameplay: You select from available Heroes and work with teammates to defend your base, while also trying to kill your enemy base. The currency of the game is mainly Mobile Legends Battle Points (BP). You use them to buy Heroes for battle. If you want a short cut, you can also pay for Diamonds in cash.

Enough said. If you’re here for the top tips to unlock the best MLBB heroes, you probably already know how to play. So let’s see, how do you unlock free heroes without spending actual money? BPs are a big part of the equation. We’ll share how to earn BPs and other top tips and tricks. 

  1. Get Double BP cards  

There are a few things you can do to get a Double BP card. You have to share your match result on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Whatsapp. You can also buy BP cards from the shop. Sometimes BP cards are available through events, but this is not guaranteed. Double BP card usage is probably self explanatory — you get twice the number of BP after playing every match. It can last for one day, three days, or seven days. Additionally, it also increases the maximum number of BP you can earn in a week by 1,500, up from the usual 7,500. Score!

  1. Brawls

Brawls are the fastest way to farm BPs given their short duration, so don’t neglect this aspect of the game! Importantly, get acquainted with the Hero you select from the two random heroes assigned to you, so that you can perform better and earn more battle points. Feel free to randomize one of the heroes as choosing the right hero is key. With only 10 minutes or so, choose a healing spell rather than an attacking spell (unless it can heal). This is because the Brawl Mode doesn’t allow you to heal your HP once you depart the base, so healing skills are extremely useful. Understanding this, it’s also never wise to go out alone.

  1. Battle on Ranked Matches 

Ranked Matches are seasonal games that run for three months. You will be ranked as you battle and acquire stars, and placed in one of the seven divisions based on your rank: Warrior, Elite, Master, Grandmaster, Epic, Legend, and Mythic. You should be able to guess which one is the lowest, hor? Warrior la! You go to the next rank with a full star, and if you lose too many stars, you will be demoted one rank. 

At the Mythic level, you not only gain glory; you also don’t need anymore stars! You gain points for every match you win, especially more if you defeat an opponent with much higher points. It works both ways though, losing to an opponent with fewer points will lead to a massive point deduction.

The only thing is that you can only play Ranked Matches after reaching account level eight and unlocking at least six heroes. 

  1. Camp for Free Chests and earn Medal Chests 

It’s clear to see, the game wants you to come back often! To get more BP without much effort, you can return to the game every four hours. You will get Free Chests every four hours, which would reward 40 to 50 BPs, together with other items. 

On the other hand, Medal Chests are awarded to players who get a cumulative 10-point rating after playing a few matches. They’re only handed out once every day, but the reward is greater: 200 to 250 points at one go! 

  1. Complete Daily Quests to get the weekly bonus

Mobile Legends has daily quests that you can complete to earn BPs. In total, you can earn 230 BPs. Doing so, you also get weekly activity scores, and if they reach 800, then you can get 500 BPs. Yes, wow. Mobile Legends really rewards you for consistency.

How to buy battle points in Mobile Legends? 

If you really need a hand, you can buy Diamonds, which can allow you to use them as tickets when buying Heroes. Heroes are quite expensive to get, and some Heroes cost Diamonds. Lucky Spin and Tournaments are good ways to get Diamonds, but they’re really hard to come by.

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