How to start a side hustle online: Top ideas and platforms



In a world where layoffs are common and job security is no longer a given, having a side hustle is a good thing. It helps to secure additional streams of income, and for the creative types, it can also serve as an outlet for creativity.

With the help of the internet and online platforms, starting a side hustle income is easier than ever. With a laptop or sometimes just a mobile device, and a high-speed internet connection, you can start to earn money on the side. 

Earn money through Twitter 


What is your passion? What is something you really can talk about for ages? Create content and it and become a thought leader. In that way, you can monetise from your following. 

If you are active in sharing your thoughts on Twitter, you can even earn money from Twitter. The app has introduced new features such as TipJar, which allows you to get tipped, and SuperFollows, a special subscription service. There are even Ticketed Spaces, where you can hold a closed audio chat and charge for it. 

For each of these features, you need to have a minimum number of followers. These are ways that Twitter has tried to introduce revenue models for users. And you can try it! 


Teaching languages online through Preply 

Many of us in Asia are multilingual, either because we have gone through formal education in two or three languages, or because we are born into interracial families.

That’s a great advantage. Even if you’re not a certified teacher, as long as you are native, you may be able to get some money by simply conversing in your native language. This is because language learners are always looking for practice partners. If you are a certified teacher, even better! You can get better rates. 

Create online classes to post on Udemy and Teachable 

Or, you may be an expert in a certain field. Don’t let it go wasted! Get cracking on creating slides, lessons, and courses, and you can post online classes guiding people on the things you have expertise on. There are a few platforms through which you can do that. For instance, Udemy and Teachable allow you to post teaching content and videos and earn money from them. 

Sell artwork and crafts on Etsy

Perhaps your hobby is knitting, making jewellery, or painting. In that case, you can sell your crafts and creations on a platform like Etsy. You can charge a premium for extra creativity and unique ideas. 


Become a virtual assistant 

As online businesses skyrocket, small business owners need assistants to help them with administrative tasks so that they can focus on The revenue-generating part of the business. Also, they figured out that with all the online tools, they can hire an assistant who lives elsewhere. Therefore, there is now a great need for virtual assistants. 

To become a virtual assistant you need to be highly organised and resourceful. You’ll need to handle calendars, emails, bookkeeping and even things like scheduling social media posts. You could even be tasked with cold calling.   The scope of your services can be decided by you. You can get jobs on Upwork, or even Fiverr.

Complete online surveys

Yeah, believe it or not, companies do pay people for their opinions. So if you have a lot of time on hand, you can do surveys and earn money or gift cards. But please be alert. Some sites are total scams. In Singapore, the more legit sites are PrizeRebel and Mobrog.


Freelance writing 

If you are a wordsmith, you can do freelance writing on the side. You can find jobs on platforms such as Fiverr and Constant Content. Or, you can publish on Medium and get paid based on how popular your articles are. 

To get more freelance writing jobs, you can also put together writing samples or create a more official portfolio. Apart from writing you can also become a copy editor or proofreader.

Freelance design 

If you’re good at Adobe Photoshop, GIMP or Illustrator, you can also earn money by designing infographics and logos on the side. Platforms like Fiverr also allow you to get jobs. 

Side hustles that pay weekly in Singapore 

Sometimes our full-time jobs use up too much brain work. If you just need a simple stream of income that gets you out there and you don’t need to spend too much time at a desk, driving Grab or delivering food via Grab could be a good idea. The payout is monthly too. If you have a vehicle, doing Lalamove deliveries on the weekends is also an option. 


Best apps for side hustles 

Starting a side hustle in Singapore is not difficult. With a bit of planning and ingenuity, and the courage to start somewhere, anyone can do it! So once again here’s a roundup of the apps and platforms you can use to start earning some side income online. 

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