Everything You Need To Know About The iPhone 14



Yes, it’s that time of the year again: it’s time for the annual Apple phone update.

So if you’ve been in the tech sphere, or even just the general atmosphere, you’ll have heard that the iPhone 14 is officially being launched on the 7th September.

Ahead of the launch, here are a list of what you can expect from the brand new, highly-anticipated iPhone range.

Say goodbye to the smaller smartphones


It seems small phones are now a thing of the past! After the un-popularity of the iPhone 12 and 13 mini series, it’s probably for the best that iPhone 14 discontinues this model of their phones.

In its place, however, there are hints that newer 6.1 inch and 6.7 inch models would come to the forefront, suggesting a new iPhone 14 Max along with its regular iPhone 14 Pro Max.

No iPhone Pro? No ProMotion


If you didn’t opt for an iPhone 13 Pro model, you might not quite miss its ProMotion feature.

Offering smoother animations compared to the other models in the iPhone 13 series, the ProMotion display was one of the highlights for the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max respectively. In fact, most were hoping it would’ve made the cut as part of the iPhone 14 requirements.

Unfortunately, it seems like ProMotion would still retain its exclusivity to the iPhone 14 Pro models, rather than the entire range of iPhone 14.

That having been said, upgraded ProMotion technology in the iPhone 14 Pro models could bring about always-on display technology, which had been previously rumoured to be coming out alongside the iPhone 13.

4nm chipset for selected models in the iPhone 14 series


Think the current iPhone 13 chipset is tiny? Think again.

Though the iPhone 13 already running Apple’s A15 Bionic on improved 5nm processes, the change wasn’t overwhelming when it came to usability. Which means with the iPhone 14, you might expect to see a more dramatic change in terms of operation system technology.

Predictions for the 2022 iPhone range reinforce how the new iPhone 14 range will be powered by 4nm processors instead.

With these new, narrower structure widths, there’s expected to be more marked improvements when it comes to your phone’s performance and efficiency – which could tackle the highly sought-after topic of the iPhone battery life.

However, there have been rumours of an updated version of the A15 Bionic that would be reserved exclusively for the iPhone Pro models, which could help give a big boost in the ‘Pro’ department.

The ever-ready, always-improved camera 


It’s no secret that with every new model, Apple takes their camera one step further – and it’s not going to be any different this time around either.

This time around, those queueing to get their ‘Shot on iPhone’ moments can expect a new 1 to 1.3inch, 48Mp CMOS image sensor for the main wide-angle lens on the iPhone 14, with the sensor potentially offering operating models to better pixel size and light-gathering capabilities.

To top that off, new iPhone users could be looking at a four-cell merge output mode which merges pixels to improve quality – a concept previously used in Android phones, but never for Apple.

Finally, selfie and IG Story lovers can rejoice with a long-awaited improvement to the selfie camera, which might even boast an auto-focus feature so you no longer have to manually adjust the target your phone should be looking at.

Minimal design changes from its predecessor


One of the key highlights of any new iPhone launch is, of course, ‘What will the new iPhone look like?’ However, you shouldn’t hold your breath for any drastic changes when it comes to the overall iPhone look and feel.

Early, leaked schematics of the iPhone 14 showed minimal design alterations, save for a slightly bigger camera bump compared to its predecessor.

That means the bad news is that if you have an iPhone 13, you likely won’t be able to fit your current case to the new iPhone. But the good news is: now’s your chance to shop for a new case!

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