Best Music Streaming Services to Get Your Groove On in Singapore


By now, most of us are familiar with music streaming services. In fact, if you still own CDs and store MP3 files, you’re pretty much ancient. With online streaming services, you can conveniently get access to music on demand simply by logging on to a website or downloading an app.

Some services even allow you to stream for free, provided you are willing to watch or listen to their advertisements. Shiok! And if you pay a subscription fee, you can even enjoy ad-free music. 

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Alright, so what are the top music streaming services in Singapore? Here are five to get you started. 



Spotify is one of the most popular streaming services. Just sign up for an account to stream and listen to music on Spotify for free on desktop or mobile app. However, there are limitations to the free account. You have to listen to ads every 30 minutes, and you won’t be able to select specific songs to hear on the mobile app. The number of skips is also limited to six. 

Thankfully, Spotify prices in Singapore are pretty affordable. To listen to music without ads and enjoy unlimited skips on Spotify, you simply have to subscribe to the paid account at $9.90 per month for individual accounts. To save money, you can also pair up with someone to get the duo account at $12.98 per month. Or, if you have more friends and family who can share the Family subscription, you get six subscriptions for $16.98 per month, which makes it the cheapest at only $2.83 per subscription per month. Students can enjoy the subscription at $4.99 per month. 

Undecided whether you want to pay for on-demand music? Sign up for their free one-month trial to see how you like it. From time to time, there are also Spotify promotions so keep a look out for those. 

Youtube Music Premium 


With Youtube Premium, you can watch millions of videos without ad interruptions, which applies across Youtube Music and Youtube Kids. So if you’re into music, music videos, and video content in general, Youtube Premium is for you.

With Youtube Premium Music, you get to play videos on your mobile device on the background, without needing the app to be open. 

Youtube Music Premium’s pricing is quite similar to Spotify. Individuals pay $9.98 per month while students can enjoy a promotion price of $4.98 per month. However, the family account only offers access to five accounts at $16.98 per month. 

Apple Music 


A common query that people search for is Apple Music vs Spotify Singapore, because the pricings of these two platforms are completely the same! 

So how do you decide whether to use Apple Music or Spotify? Well, the main differences are that Apple Music allows users to stream over 60 million songs compared to Spotify’s 50 million tracks. Also, Apple music also offers exclusive perks and original content such as special videos. We’re not sure if these are noteworthy differences for the regular music user though, so you can try both and decide for yourself! 



If you’re a creator, you might prefer the more indie platform, SoundCloud. The platform allows audiophiles who love unconventional music to discover new artists and unique music content. As a creator, one can also upload the tunes that you create, promote them, and connect with the audience easily. It has a commenting feature, and listeners can even share comments based on a specific timestamp on the audio track. 

Using Soundcloud is free, similar to Spotify. To listen without ads and download tracks offline, you can pay a subscription fee of only $4.99 per month. 



Tidal is a music streaming platform that offers music in FLAC, rather than the compressed MP3 file fprmat. For that reason, it’s designed for true audiophiles who want to enjoy lossless streaming of HiFi music. One of the selling points of Tidal is that it prioritizes artists and fans. Artist credits are easily accessible and fans can also get exclusive digital content by their favourite artists. 

Users can use the explore tab to choose their music preferences from jazz, pop, to metal, or use TIDAL Rising under the ‘explore’ tab to discover new artists and songs. 

There you go! We hope this article gives a good idea on which is the best music streaming service 2022 for you. 

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