9 Must-Watch Anime You Probably Didn’t Know You Can Stream on Viu


Most people go to Viu to watch Korean dramas with popular hits such as Running Man, Lie After Lie and Young Lady and Gentleman. 

But did you also know that you can get quite a comprehensive list of anime shows on Viu? Via the Viu Singapore app, you can binge on your favourite anime online. How about starting One Piece from episode 1 on Viu?

Here are some of the must-watch animes on Viu. 

  1. Demon Slayer 


One of the most watched anime in recent times, Demon Slayer has won multiple awards for its smashing animation, especially its intense action packed fight scenes that will leave you hanging on the edge of your seat. 

The story revolves around Tanjiro Kamado, a young boy whose sister Nezuko got turned into a demon. With the rest of his family killed in a demon attack, he trains to become a demon slayer with the Demon Slayer Corps to avenge his family. 

He becomes fast friends with two fellow trainees — Zenitsu Agatsuma and Inosuke Hashibira (who wears a boar head) — and they journey to slay demons together, meeting the elite group of demon slayers and facing off against highly skilled demons that test their mettle. 

Throughout the series, the story reveals surprising twists and turns about demons and Tanjiro’s heritage as he progresses, coupled with some heartfelt and comedic moments. 

If you like shonen anime with a strong hero protagonist on a quest, like FullMetal Alchemist or Naruto, Demon Slayer is a must watch. 

Demon Slayer S1, S2 (Mugen Train Arc), S3 (Entertainment District Arc), The Movie: Mugen Train are available on Viu. 

  1. One Piece


If you’re an anime fan, you’d most definitely have heard of one of the longest running shows, One Piece. 

As an anime that has a huge following and is loved by many, One Piece features a well-loved, ragtag pirate crew led by Monkey D. Luffy – who’s made of rubber – on his quest to find the world’s ultimate treasure and become the Pirate King.

Throughout his many adventures, a number of interesting members join the crew. Together, they run into a whole series of new characters, including other crazy pirates, and battle bad guys with their powers thanks to the devil fruit. 

The manga will supposedly conclude between 2024 – 2025, so it’s not too late to get started! 

As of April 2022, there are over 1,000 episodes. If you’re in the mood for some binge watching, this is definitely one that you can watch on Viu. 

One Piece Episode 892 onwards is available on Viu. 

  1. Attack on Titan 


An action-packed anime set in a dystopian universe, Attack on Titan is a unique, if gruesome and gory, show that has captured the attention of anime lovers all over the world. 

The story revolves around the citizens living in a city surrounded by walls that protect them from monstrous, grotesque man-eating titans. 

Main character Eren Jaeger’s mother was eaten in a titan attack and he sets off with his two childhood friends to join the Survey Corps, an elite group of soldiers specially trained to kill titans. There, he meets seasoned soldiers such as the unbeatable Captain Levi and respectable Commander Erwin Smith, all of whom are doing their best to save humanity. 

Throughout his journey, much is revealed about his heritage, the titans, his fellow soldiers, and the world they live in, making the plot as addictive as the gory action of the show. It also has some of the best triumphant opening songs throughout each season. 

Attack on Titan Seasons 1, 2, 3 and Final Season are available on Viu. 

  1. Dragon Ball Super


A classic anime if there ever was, Dragon Ball is reminiscent of childhood nostalgia and arcade action. The series follows the adventures of Son Goku and his friends on their quest to defeat the evil Lord Freeza, along with many other enemies along the way. 

What makes the action exciting is when a character reaches Super Saiyan mode, a form of transformation that enables them to fight on a vastly superior level. 

It’s been super successful and the series has grown massively, with 6 different instalments, feature films, arcade and video games, and there’s even a themed feature in Universal Studios Japan. Dragon Ball is full of action, drama, and comedy, and it’s perfect for anyone.

All 131 episodes of Dragon Ball Super are available on Viu. 

  1. The Strongest Sage With the Weakest Crest 


The Strongest Sage with the Weakest Crest is a medieval fantasy-themed web series set in a world where a person’s strength and magical abilities are determined by the crest that is magically embedded on their body when they are born. 

Crests are ranked according to their strength, with the strongest crests being those that grant their bearers the most powerful abilities. The series focuses on a young man named Mathias Hildesheimr, who has the weakest crest in the world, and is ranked 541st. Plot twist though, he was formerly the world’s strongest in a previous life and was reincarnated as Mathias. 

He’s actually super strong and is determined to become the most powerful sage in the world. The series chronicles his journey to achieve this goal, revealing startling details about what has happened to the world. 

Definitely a show for those who like fantasy anime filled with magic, intrigue and fighting against evil.

All 12 episodes are available on Viu. 

  1. Haikyu!! 


If you’re looking for a sports anime with a strong story and complex characters, look no further than Haikyuu!!. Set in the competitive world of volleyball, the series follows Ryoma and Haru, two childhood rivals who become the best tennis and volleyball players in their school, respectively. 

But when an injury sidelines Haru from volleyball, he’s forced to team up with Ryoma and become the best pair on the court. As the series progresses, you’ll see the show’s protagonist grow and develop, as he learns to work with, rather than against, his partner.

Haikyu!! Seasons 1, 2, 3 and 4 are available on Viu. 

  1. Junior High and High School Kimetsu Academy Story


This is a comical spinoff of Demon Slayer in cute cartoon format. It features all the familiar characters of Demon Slayer, including the Hashiras, as they attend Junior High and High School.

Watch as your favourite characters navigate the ‘real world’ in school, even wearing regular school uniforms instead of their cloaks. One thing that’s unchanged from the main series — Zenitsu is still as girl-crazy as ever!  

Each episode can be watched as a standalone. 

The Special Edition and Valentine Edition series are available on Viu. 

  1. One Punch Man 


The anime revolves around Saitama, who’s pretty much your average looking, unassuming ordinary guy who enjoys playing video games and is armed with the most deadpan expression. But underneath his everyday look, he’s the most powerful person in the show, able to defeat any foe with – you guessed it – one punch. 

Well, that’s just it. He’s so powerful and undefeated that he starts feeling bored, so he signs up to be a hero to defeat other aliens and monsters intent on taking over his city.

The series shows how he became so powerful and its share of comedic, laugh-out-loud moments, making for great entertainment for everyone. 

  1. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal 


The plot of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal follows the story of a young girl, Usagi Tsukino, who discovers that she is the reincarnation of a powerful warrior from a distant past. She is chosen by a group of beings called the Guardians to protect the world from evil and uses the power of the crystal and her magical destiny to do so. 

The plot is almost identical to the original series that ran in the 1990s, but this remake has a much higher budget and better animation. The show is a lot of fun, but it also tells an interesting story about the nature of destiny and the power of the human mind.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal seasons 1, 2 and 3 are available on Viu.

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