7 Asian TVB Drama Romcoms to Snuggle Up With Tonight


TVB shows were all the rage in the 90s and early 2000s with some of the best memorable TVB dramas of all time that catapulted celebrities such as Andy Lau, Chow Yun-Fat, Tony Leung Chiu-Wai, Anita Mui, and Maggie Cheung to fame. 

While we have a whole variety of options to watch from the west to east thanks to the rise of streaming services such as Netflix and the popularity of Korean dramas, there are still some really good TVB dramas that are worth the watch. 

Here are some recent TVB dramas that are lighthearted and fun for you to have a cozy weekend in to binge watch. 

Can’t Buy Me Love, 公主嫁到 (2010)


A period drama set in the Tang Dynasty, the series revolves around the third princess, Chiu Yeung, played by Charmaine Sheh, whom no one wants to marry. 

Enter Kam Tuo Luk (Moses Chan) who marries her to save his failing family business. Turns out that his family is a prominent gold manufacturer and their marriage secures his family the business of producing gold for the Tang Palace. 

The story continues on about the drama between the two families with numerous other characters such as concubines and servants involved in some family drama. 

With stars like Fala Chen, Kenneth Ma, the show is a must watch for those who enjoy some drama and romance. 

Ghost of Relativity, 鬼同你OT (2015)


Clumsy May (played by Kristal Tin), who doesn’t have a very high IQ level, ends up getting herself fired from an architect firm on her first day of work for accidentally causing the firm to lose an award. 

When Gin (played by Nancy Wu), the office manager, calls her in to fire her, she gets electrocuted while using May’s counterfeit mobile. Unbeknownst to her, May had accidentally taken her handbag earlier that day as they’d looked almost identical. 

When May reclaims her phone, she releases Gin’s spirit which had been trapped in the phone. 

The story continues, revolving around the antics between the two of them. May is the only one who can see Gin, and Gin makes use of May as payback to get close to Michael (played by Moses Chan) – the boss of the firm whom she’s been in love with her whole life. 

There’s multiple dramatic occasions throughout the show and it wouldn’t be complete without some romance happening between the characters too. Watch if you like something with a twist on the premise and some comedic absurdity with laugh-out-loud moments. 

Married But Available, 我瞞結婚了 (2017)


Romance, secrets and drama ensue in this series when love interferes at work. Married couple Au Yeung Chi Chung (played by Tony Hung) and Chu Ming Ming (played by Priscilla Wong) are working at the same company but under different bosses. 

They have to keep their marriage a secret as Ming Ming’s boss shuns love and Ming Ming hopes to impress her boss. On the other hand, Chi Chung’s boss pursues Ming Ming, assuming she’s single, while he is unable to do anything about it. 

This web of inter-tangled relationships makes the series so enticing and keeps you on your toes. However, the drama remains lighthearted and entertaining without being too intense. Definitely one to watch over the weekend. 

Who Wants a Baby?, BB來了 (2018)


Oh the many sleepless nights and cleaning poop that parents of a newborn are familiar with. When their lives are suddenly turned upside down with the unexpected arrival of their daughter, new parents Ellen (played by Ali Lee) and Elvis (played by Lai Kok Yi) are caught by surprise.

To help them cope, they hire a confinement nanny and Ellen also has to quit her fashion career to spend more time with her daughter. 

Instead, she now works at a postnatal care agency and starts finding joy in being a new mother. However, taking care of their kid makes the couple slowly drift apart and Ellen even starts suspecting that her husband is having an affair. 

Other incidents happen and hilarity ensues as the couple navigate life and their relationship.

Moonlight Resonance, 溏心風暴之家好月圓 (2008)


One of the highest rated TVB series in the 2000s, Moonlight Resonance is a TVB drama that has won many awards. 

The story follows Chung Siu-Hor (played by Louise Lee) who discovers her husband Gan Tai-Cho (played by Ha Yu) having an affair with their employee Yan-Hung (played by Michelle Yim) who works at the bakery they own. The couple eventually divorce and Tai-Cho and Yan-Hung take over their famous bakery. 

However, the scheming Yan-Hung causes tension within Tai-Cho’s family. Meanwhile, Siu-Hor who gets custody of the 3 children starts her own bakery and struggles to make it a success. 

The story continues with a lot of family drama between various members including the next generation of the children. Family bonds are tested during times of trouble and you’ll have to see if love prevails. 

This old TVB drama is a must watch for its engaging storyline and stellar cast performance. 

Come Home Love, 愛·回家 (2012) 


This lighthearted sitcom revolves around the Hung family. Family patriarch Hung Shu Kan (played by Lau Dan) owns a successful transport company and has 3 daughters. 

The story revolves around the lives of the 3 daughters who each have their share of drama and personalities that cause them to clash. 

Shu Kan’s brother Hung Sue Yan (played by Pal Sinn), who is a photographer, moves into the family, bringing with him some strange occurrences that change the lives of the ordinary family. 

Hello Missfortune, 愛上我的衰神 (2021) 


Set in an alternate reality of heaven, Hello Missfortune is a fantasy romance. The story revolves around Poon Siu Yu (played by Erica Chan) who is in the second level of heaven and has the opportunity to ascend to the third level to reunite with her parents. 

However, in order to do so, she first has to become a Life Manager and is tasked to keep watch on a mortal, Chan Pak Ho (played by Hubert Wu). The poor Pak-ho is a food courier and has a life of misfortune, is ill treated by family members and has to deal with multiple stressors in life.

Eventually, the two start developing feelings for each other, and so the story continues… 

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