5 Apps in Singapore you can earn money from with your internet data 



Earn money by using internet data? What is this new “side hustle” that we’ve probably never heard of? Well for those of us who tend to leave their computer running 24/7, perhaps it’s time to consider this way to earn money by sharing internet datas.

After all, with our unlimited internet connection, why not put all unused internet data to work (and earn you some moolah) instead of letting it go to waste? Yup, here’s how to convert wifi data to money!

How to make money with unlimited internet

What is unused bandwidth? Internet service providers offer set monthly data allowances, but usually the average household only taps into a portion of it. What is remaining from that is unused.

These days, there are so many apps that allow you to sell your unused bandwidth. These companies provide bandwidth to other businesses or people, who access the internet through secure, residential IPs (yours and other users) via a virtual private network (VPN).

In return for selling your unused bandwidth, you receive cash, credits or cryptocurrency. Do note that this is slightly different from another method (you can search online for “how to make money with wifi hotspots”), which involves you broadcasting your wifi as a hotspot (you may need to purchase a device) as part of a larger network, and in return, you get paid a fee. It’s kinda like what users were doing via Simplify via the Malaysian movement control order.

Let’s find out more about the 5 apps you can use in Singapore to earn money by using your internet data as a resource:

5 apps you can use to earn money by sharing data 

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App USPPotential Earnings
PacketStreamReliabilityUS$0.10 per GB
HoneygainTransparencyUS$1 per 10GB, referral commissions, sign-up bonus
Peer2ProfitThose with a big networkUS$0.80 per GB with residential IP, US$1 per GB with mobile; referrals
EarnAppWhitelisted by antivirusUS$0.25 per GB
IPRoyalEarn BitcoinUS$0.20 per GB, sign-up bonus, affiliate programme


One thing we like best about PacketStream is that its tech partners include the big guns such as Amazon Web Services, Stripe, PayPal and more. That’s a nod in the direction of reliability. The site has pretty comprehensive FAQs and its privacy section seems transparent.

There are also a couple of use cases written on the website, so that those totally new to this whole “earn money by sharing internet data” can get a better idea of what their unused bandwidth is being used for.

You’ll need to download the app to get started. PacketStream is available for MacOS, Windows (64-bit) and Linux (you’ll need to run a command to install, which requires Docker).


Honeygain prides itself as one of the most transparent apps that allow you to earn money by converting all unused internet data into credits. Once you have amassed enough credits, your earn rate is about US$1 per 10GB.

It’s good to see the reports and documents made available to the public on the Honeygain website. You can read in more detail the highlights of previous years, check out the user experience and awareness survey reports of 2020 and 2021, and get quick stats such as the average size of a payout (US$26.58), as well as countries covered (over 150).

You’ll download the app to get started, and it’s available for MacOS, Android, Windows, iOS and Linux (Docker) with all the version numbers (the transparency theme again!).


While the use of a well-known bandwidth sharing app such as Peer2Profit has gained some notoriety for what its users have been doing, the website of Peer2Profit insists that the app is legit and that data is not used for illegal purposes. Unfortunately, the referral and network structure of the Peer2Profit app is what encourages errant users to seek alternative methods to up their earnings.

Depending on the user’s location, the average payment is US$8.33 per month, or  US$100 per year. Referrals are additional earnings, from US$2 per month per IP address. Some of the top earners on Peer2Profit managed to earn over US$400 in a month.

To get started with Peer2Profit, all you need to do is to install the app on your device (desktop device or smartphone). You’ll also receive a referral link, which you can then start to garner referral earnings for additional income. The FAQ on the Peer2Profit page helpfully suggests some ways to ramp up your earnings include installing the app on all devices available to you, shout out to your network and get others to sign up via your unique referral link.


One thing that caught our attention is that EarnApp has been whitelisted by major antivirus engines, which include the likes of AVG, Kaspersky, McAfee and Microsoft Defender. When something is whitelisted, it’s like obtaining an express pass to enter a club when the bouncer denies everyone else from going in unless they produce/purchase a proper ticket.

The earn rates vary from country to country, depending on the network speed and demand for bandwidth sharing. For Singapore, at US$0.25 per GB, it’s estimated that one can earn US$38 per month by sharing bandwidth on EarnApp.

Payment is by Amazon Gift Cards or via PayPal. On its website, EarnApp promises users that their data is kept private, and companies needing to use the service must be vetted and monitored for compliance. EarnApp is available for download on Windows, Android, Linux and Mac (beta).


Instead of heading to the main IPRoyal website, you’ll have to search for IPRoyal Pawns, which brings you to the page that allows you to earn money by using internet data (and not the corporate site that offers VPN or proxy services).

The earning rate really depends on which country you’re in, network speed and so on. A quick estimate is US$43 per month (range is US$5 to US$140), based on a modest 8GB traffic shared daily and a daily app online time of 16 hours.

And for those who are (still) excited about cryptocurrency but want to go with the OG, Bitcoin, IPRoyal offers BTC as a payout option, alongside PayPal and virtual gift cards. IPRoyal is available for iPhone, Android, Mac and Windows users.

So there you have it, 5 apps you can use in Singapore to earn money by using your internet connection. It’s how to make money with the unlimited internet that you already have. To be on the safe side, do your due diligence before signing up, and check that the URL is not of a similarly named scam site. 

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