12 Best Dramas on Netflix of All Time


After a long, exhausting day, there is sometimes no better way to decompress than to turn off your mind and watch some shows. 

But oftentimes, there are so many different shows and series to watch on Netflix that you’re spoilt for choice. You end up scrolling and scrolling, and not knowing what to start. 

We’re here to introduce you some of the best dramas on Netflix of all time to help you get started, whether it’s American, Chinese, or Korean shows that you like. 

Best Netflix American Drama Series 


A psychological thriller about a quiet, unassuming bookstore manager Joe Goldberg who finds himself enraptured with an aspiring writer. However, his crush soon turns to obsession and starts to take on a darker turn as he goes to great lengths for what he believes is love. Great for those who like some intense drama, getting behind the mind of a sociopath and plot twists and turns. 

You seasons 1, 2 and 3 are available on Netflix. 

The Queen’s Gambit

The show that made chess popular again, The Queen’s Gambit revolves around a genius orphan Beth Harmon, who discovers her penchant for the game when she was at the orphanage. At the same time, she becomes addicted to the tranquilisers given to the children at the orphanage while believing that she can only succeed at the game with them. A show not just for chess lovers, The Queen’s Gambit is a coming of age series about addiction, ambition and friendship. 

The Queen’s Gambit season 1 is available on Netflix. 

How To Get Away With Murder

A Netflix drama that’s full of suspense, murder and whodunnit’s, How To Get Away With Murder revolves around a group of law students who are selected by their professor Annalise Keating, considered one the greatest lawyers, to work with her. However, what they think is a privilege ultimately becomes something more sinister as murders happen and they get entangled in a web of intrigue and lies. The show’s plot twists and turns makes it a worthwhile ride and it’s more than just a show for court and crime fans. 

How To Get Away With Murder seasons 1, 2, ,3, 4, 5 and 6 are available on Netflix. 

Best Korean Drama Series on Netflix 

Squid Game

One of the hottest Korean drama series on Netflix in 2021, Squid Game broke records worldwide, becoming the most watched Netflix series, and winning multiple TV awards. 

The shocking Korean drama revolves around contestants who are put in a survival game of life and death, similar to the Hunger Games and Battle Royale, to compete for a stupendous cash prize. Failure to play the game properly results in sure death. A must-watch for those who like intense, mind-bending dramas about the human condition. 

Squid Game season 1 is available on Netflix. A second season is in the works. 

Crash Landing on You 

The Korean drama that got everyone hooked when it was first released, Crash Landing on You is more than just your standard Korean love story. 

A wealthy Korean heiress is stranded in North Korea after being blown over the demilitarised zone in a paragliding accident. There she meets and eventually falls in love with her North Korean captor, after a most eventful journey of trials and tribulations of trying to get back into South Korea and lots of family politics.  

Crash Landing on You season 1 is available on Netflix. 

Best International Drama Series on Netflix 

Money Heist 

This Spanish based series revolves around a diverse group of thieves, each with their own tumultuous stories, as they band together to pull off a heist through the most ingenious of plans. Although they’re breaking the law, you’ll fall in love with the characters and find yourself rooting for their victory. 

The highly popular series gained fame worldwide and its third season broke records as Netflix’s most watched international series. It’s full of action, yet somehow manages to tug at the heartstrings as well. 

Money Heist seasons 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 are available on Netflix. 


Royalty, luxury and love are the main themes of this period drama set in the early 19th century. The show revolves around the Bridgerton family, which the series is named after, as they navigate the politics and social norms of high society to find love. 

Ignore the un-feminist nature of the show and watch it for some feel-good lighthearted romance and fancy costumes. 

Bridgerton seasons 1 and 2 are available on Netflix. 

Popular Mainland Chinese Drama Series on Netflix

Go Ahead 

A coming of age story about life, family and friendships, the series revolves around three childhood friends who grow up together and regard each other as family. As they each go through life until adulthood, they go on different journeys and encounter different situations that test the strength of their bond. 

Go Ahead season 1 is available on Netflix.

Find Yourself

This romance show features an older career woman who is pursued by a much younger man, leading to all sorts of drama. To make things more complicated, a third party in the form of an older, more established man enters the fray. The emotional rollercoaster of interpersonal relationships make this a must watch for those who like drama, love and happy endings.  

Find Yourself season 1 is available on Netflix.

Eternal Love

This fantasy period drama is based on the xianxia (Chinese mythology) novel of the same name. The first part focuses mainly on a goddess of war’s life in the heavens against those intent on causing strife. In the end, gives up her powers and memories to seal away an evil ghost lord, after which she’s sent to earth. There, she meets an immortal human whom she eventually falls in love with and all the trials and tribulations that follow, even as they eventually regain immortal status. 

Eternal Love season 1 is available on Netflix.

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