10 Local Shows to Catch Up On This Weekend



We have myriad options when it comes to entertainment these days with streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+.

But if you want something familiar and a taste of home, you can support the local scene too. Who remembers growing up to local Channel 5 and 8 dramas? 

There are tons of local Singapore TV shows available. With meWatch online or on the app, we can also watch these dramas on demand. 

Hear U Out 


First up on the Mewatch show list is Hear U Out, a talk show hosted by the ever engaging Quan Yifong. Each episode, she brings on a different celebrity guest and gets real with them. Want to hear what goes on in the lives of your favourite celebs? Well, now you can on Mewatch. 

Hear from celebs such as Tay Ping Hui’s rebellious past, Fann Wong’s greatest regret, how influencer Xiaxue overcomes trolls, and Jeanette Aw’s journey to opening her bakery. 



One of the hottest shows in recent years, local English drama Kin revolves around Yoke and Ella who were swapped at birth, and have since returned to their families. However, even as they settle into their individual lives, nothing is as simple as it seems. Family relationships, loss, love and tension feature strongly among the many characters in the different families of the show, bringing gripping drama and plot twists. 

The cast features a stellar bag of folks such as Aaron Khaled, Bridget Fernandez, Carla Dunareanu, Charlie Goh, Elizabeth Lee, Maxi Lim, and Sue Tan.  

Watch if you like family drama with intense moments and feel good nostalgia. 

128 Circle


Our hawkers are an integral part of Singapore’s cultural heritage and 128 Circle is a show that keeps this heritage alive. The show features the lives of four hawkers — Larry, Chandra, Aishah, Sherry — and their families who have been a part of the local community for decades. But they’re hit with the impending Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent circuit breaker announcement, which threatens their livelihoods. 

From a multitude of good food to overcoming the challenges of life, 128 Circle is one about the everyday struggles, tenacity and friendship of our fellow Singaporeans. 

In Safe Hands 


An exciting action packed drama about the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), In Safe Hands revolves around Jun Yi, a Rota Commander, and his team of dependable firefighters and paramedics as they save lives and navigate life.

Of course, like all dramas, not everyone gets along with each other, making for some friction between certain relationships; at the same time, tentative love blossoms among some characters. 

Stars young popular celebs such as Romeo Tan, Denise Camillia Tan, Desmond Ng, as well as veterans such as Chen Tianwen, Hong Huifang and Priscelia Chan.

Genie In A Cup


An alternative to your usual local drama, Genie In A Cup brings in the supernatural element interspersed with modern day happenings. 

Ma Dabao, an e-commerce tycoon stole his son’s concept for an AI Smart Cup to beat him at a conference. However, something unexpected happens and he finds himself as a ghost living in the AI cup. Enter Xiaoqian, a big fan of Ma Dabao who inadvertently buys the cup with the ghost of Ma Dabao inside. A whole series of events ensues as Ma Dabao tries to trace how he died. 

Watch if you like something different and some all-round drama. Stars Chen Han Wei, Xu Bin, Tasha Low, Constance Song and Noah Yap.  

Home Is Where The Heart Is


In Home Is Where The Heart Is, Jane is a young ambitious lawyer trying to get her career off the ground. To get promoted, she takes on pro bono work. However, her path crosses with Arif, a social worker who is passionate about helping the underprivileged that the system has failed. 

As their paths continue to cross on different occasions, both of them slowly learn that there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to their jobs. 

The Sheng Siong Show 


A crowd favourite well-loved by many, The Sheng Siong Show is a long-running variety game show hosted by Dasmond Koh and Kym Ng. 

People can participate in the show by simply filling in the lucky draw forms of their receipts and the lucky ones may be selected to participate in the game segments. 

There are a variety of games on the show with cash prizes available, as well as talent show competitions, cooking competitions, and lucky draws. 

I Want To Be A Towkay


Security guard Kam Chek has just lost his job and ends up starting a business with his friend Hou Sai Lei. They open a coffee shop but a series of unfortunate events happen that affect their business, families, relationships and children. Watch them unfold in I Want To Be A Towkay

The heartwarming show introduces a whole host of characters whose lives intertwine as they navigate family drama and challenges. 

The Heartland Hero


Ex-convict and former loan shark Mao Ge has turned over a new leaf upon his release from prison. He starts a business with his friend Yi Yuan, who’s also a former convict, selling secondhand goods. 

However, the folks in the neighbourhood know of their reputation and are not convinced that the pair have reformed. Drama ensues as people are suspicious and try to make things difficult for them. 

If you like some comedy and drama, as well as a cast of veteran celebs Elvin Ng, Paige Chua, Chew Chor Meng, Vivian Lai and Zoe Tay, The Heartland Hero is for you. 

Find Me A Singaporean: The Pandemic Special


This heartwarming series Find Me a Singaporean sees hosts Sharon Au and Andie Chen travel the world interviewing Singaporeans who have made a name for themselves living abroad. 

Former Mediacorp actress Au herself is based in Paris, while Chen is based in Taipei. The ever effervescent Belinda Lee joins themes as they meet these illustrious Singaporeans pursuing their dreams. 

Some of the personalities they meet include Caroline Chew, Singapore’s first equestrian who joins the 2021 Olympics now living in the UK, and 26-year-old Matthew Leong who’s the head chef at a Michelin star restaurant in Norway. 

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