10 Educational Kids’ Shows on Netflix That Are Actually Great


Screentime gets a lot of bad rep. Yes, setting limits on screen time is essential, but selecting the best and most educational shows for your children when they want to watch some shows can also help to ensure that they are learning while watching. 

With a Netflix subscription account, you can get access to an almost endless selection of kids’ shows. It’ll keep them quiet for sometime and they can learn new concepts and facts at the same time! 

We’ve rounded up two major categories of shows. The first are shows for children under six and the second are for older children between 7 and 16. 

Best Netflix shows for toddlers and children under 7 


Ask the Storybots 

The Storybots are little beings that answer questions from children, from why we need to brush our teeth to how cell phones work. The show features cute animations, skits, real-life adults (many of them celebrities) that help the Storybots’ find these essential answers. 

Waffles + Mochi 

A show by the former first lady Michelle Obama, this show has cute puppets and features different cultures, cuisines, and also showcases some healthy eating habits, tips and tricks. 

It’s also super fun for adults to watch along as the show features cameos by celebrities including Tan France, and celebrity chefs Jose Andres, and Samin Nosrat. There are also a ton of fun tunes to sway along to! 

Number Blocks 

The Number Blocks is a colourful show through which children can learn how to add, subtract, and count the fun and educational way. They go on adventures and explore a whole new universe. Children can join them on an adventure and learn how to add, subtract and count in a fun and educational way. 

Llama Llama 

Llama Llama is a series that premiered in 2018, based on the books by Anna Dewdney. The main character of the show, a Llama of course, is called ‘Llama Llama’. He lives with his mother Mama Llama and the series features a series of cute anthropomorphic animals: Zelda Zebra, Officer Flamingo, Billy Goat and so on. 

Word Party 

Word Party features little baby animals, created by The Jim Henson Company. Watching the show, the little animals ask Word Wally for words to describe a situation or object properly. There is Lulu the panda, Kip, a baby wallaby, Franny, a baby cheetah, Bailey, a baby elephant, and Tilly, a bilingual baby tortoise that can speak Chinese! 

Educational shows on Netflix for 7-year-olds to 16-year-olds


For the older children, Netflix also has educational shows that are not animated and showcase more of the real world. 

Bill Nye Saves the World 

This is for the children who love science! The host Bill Nye breaks down the science of aging, addictions, recipes, pet emotions, and so on with guests. In this show, Bill also refutes myths and claims. His tagline says it all: “It’s not magic – It’s science!” 

You vs Wild 

Explore the world with host Bear Grylls. The audience is given a choice to make decisions to help Bear complete missions. Children can follow him to harsh and unique environments deep into the jungle, on a snowy mountain, or in an abandoned mine, and help him find his way out. 

Emily’s Wonder Lab 

This is another fun and colourful science series that brings children into the studio. The children and host Emily conduct a range of experiments to learn science concepts like Newton’s third law of motion and static electricity. 


Suitable for children eight years and up, Brainchild is a fun and educational show. Its episodes try to explain things like dreams, germs, space, emotions, oceans, and more. Each episode runs for around 25 minutes and

The Who Was Show 

A lot of the educational shows in Netflix are geared at explaining science, so this is a refreshing change. It looks at some of the famous names in history through a live-action sketch comedy show. Transport to another era and take part in the journeys of famous historical people such as George Washington, Marie Antoinette, Isaac Newton, and William Shakespeare. 

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